Friday, January 27, 2006

Edge cases, Tiananmen Square images, SDM 10th anniversary

Scoble posted a funny audio clip on his blog yesterday. I was half expecting to hear a chorus of "are too!" comments while he was talking, but the audience reacted much more nicely ;) I wonder if the other historical "edge cases" he refers to in his blog entry and audio clip knew that they were edge cases and had the ability to point out other, even earlier, historical precedents.

Diwaker Gupta posted a scary Google Image Search comparison between searching for "tiananmen" on normal (US) google and the same search on the Chinese censored version. There's a lot of commentary elsewhere on this issue, and I'm in a bit of a rush, so I won't comment further right now.

Ted Leung also went to the same Microsoft Search Champs conference that Scoble did, and he posts his comments (always interesting: I generally find Ted's blog well worth my time reading) as well as a cool presentation from Gary Flake on the blog. I don't know Gary myself, but it's interesting that the search blog points out how he's the first person to be hired at Microsoft from the outside at the Distinguished Engineer level. You'd think that given the age of the company and the number of high-profile people moving between companies, someone would have beat him to it ;)

One final thing: happy anniversary to SDM! This year's cohort is the 10th in the program that I have just completed. The program will be celebrating this throughout the year, starting last night with a dinner / drinks / schmoozing-type affair that I greatly enjoyed. There was a good turnout, including a couple of my favorite professors. I'm also pleased with the jobs landed by a few of my cohort buddies, and wish them luck. I like the trend towards more consulting and generally more Sloan-type work.

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  1. It is not uncommon for big tech companies to have a policy against hiring DEs directly from the outside. In fact, Cisco has such a policy. You can bring someone in at the level below DE and promote if they live up to expectations.