Last-minute tickets for the Sox worked out

Last night, as Alli and I were heading to dinner at Maluken, I realized we had decent timing. Our dinner would be over right around the time the Red Sox game next door was starting. I had read and heard that scalpers drastically reduce ticket prices in the minutes after the first pitch.

So I suggested, and Alli agreed, to spontaneously test out that theory. We walked around a bit after dinner, talked to some scalpers, and bought a pair of decent tickets for the game. We only paid a tiny amount over face value. We paid much less than comparable tickets were selling for on

The game itself was great. It’s always a pleasure to be at Fenway, and feed off the crowd and the energy. The Red Sox played well, with the offense finally showing up. The new guy, Jason Bay, got a lot of applause, and he made the crowd happy with both hitting and defense.

Overall, it was a nice mid-summer evening in Boston. We’re lucky to live in this city.