SDM Conference and Inbound Marketing Summit

Earlier today Drew alerted me to the New England Software Symposium, a very good (according to him) software conference taking place in Boston next month. The registration for that is $950 (regular rate, some early bird discounts are available). That seems kind of steep to me.

On the other hand, the SDM Conference I’m helping to organize is going to be really interesting and way cheaper: $200 max, with various cheaper options available. There will be speakers from startups, from bigger enterprises, topics from systems thinking to agile business models, and much more. This is annual program sponsored by MIT’s System Design and Management program, with topics of interest to engineering management.

If you’re less a techie and more a marketer, or maybe a business owner who wants to get a good grasp on what this “new marketing on the internet” is all about, you should check out the Inbound Marketing Summit. It too is not expensive, and it’s going to be awesome! With this registration code you can get in for $495 until tomorrow (Friday August 8th): 8EHR2. Register here.