Hotel review: Mandarin Oriental (NYC)

Last weekend Alli and I went down to New York City (NYC) to celebrate our friend Robyn‘s birthday with her and her husband. Yes, it’s been a full week and only now do I have some time to blog about it 😉

We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental. Picking a hotel in NYC is always challenging, but Alli dropped a hint a while back that she always wanted to check out that chain.

And it was great! We really liked the hotel. It’s certainly not cheap. But the room was big and beautifully-appointed. The service was excellent from the first moment to the last. Every single employee was extremely courteous and competent. The location is fantastic, you couldn’t ask for better.

And those Park View rooms are totally worth it. It’s literally mesmerizing.

Overall, this hotel is highly recommended. It’s good enough that we’ll probably stay there again, even though we like trying out a different hotel each time in the City.