HKS end of summer program party, TwitterGrader, and Atlassian

Another busy week comes to a close. It’s amazing how fast time is flying by.

Last night Alli‘s summer program at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) came to a conclusion with a fun party. I went and met a bunch of her friends, enjoyed some food and drinks, a little dancing, and some great conversation. She has a cohort full of fascinating people from all areas of the world and all walks of life. I look forward to spending more time with them.

Just before the party, Dharmesh leaked out TwitterGrader, an experimental new tool we’re playing with, telling a few friends aboutn it on Twitter itself. Within minutes, the twittersphere (is that even a word?) awoke and thousands of users checked it out. If you want to evaluate your Twitter proifile, check it out.

Before that, I was busy working with Dan on an issue with one of the Atlassian products we use. We were making some progress, but Atlassian support beat us to it, providing it with a patch based on the trunk of their upcoming version. The patch worked, we deployed it, and the problem is basically solved. Kudos to Atlassian on their great support and customer service.

And, as goes without saying every month, the HubSpot sales team totally met and exceeded every goal we ever set for them. Individually, together, they crush it every month. By far the best sales crew I’ve ever seen.

Everyone should enjoy a well-deserved long weekend.