30th birthday party

On Saturday night, Alli and my family organized a BBQ at our place with a bunch of friends, to celebrate my 30th birthday.  I had a blast 😉  I hope and think our guests had a good time as well.

One of my favorite things is to mix and introduce my friends from one group (e.g. grad school or current work place) with each other.  This party presented a great chance for that, and we took it.
Special thanks to Thai for grilling up a storm of good food.  And to some home-made BBQ sauce 😉
I also opened a nice bottle of port towards the end of the party, one I’d been saving for a while.  It was a Ramos Pinto single-quinta Tawny, a Quinta de Bom Retiro, one highly-rated port.  And it was all that and then some.  Very smooth, elegant, easy to drink, I loved it.
All in all, a fun night.