Book review: rossing Borders: Sayeret Matkal and its Founder, Avraham Arnan

This one might be of interest only to my Israeli friends.  I read the book in Hebrew, its original language.  There might be a translation available, though.  The author is Avner Shor, who’s written a couple of other good books in the past.

The book is about the founder and original commander of Sayeret Matkal, an Israeli army special forces unit.  It chronicles the formation of the unit and the life of Avraham Arnan, its founder.
It’s an interesting book, mostly in the areas of the intra-army intrigue and politics back at a time when special forces were not seen as an essential part of an army at all.  There are much back-room manuvering just to get the unit created.
The operational details are few and far between, as I expected, since much of that material is classified.  But the book is still pretty interesting.  Not amazing.