Whoa, that’s an ad!

A couple of weeks ago I started using Chrome as my primary browser, and I haven’t looked back.

Two days ago I had an amusing moment, though.  For years I’ve been using Firefox with AdBlock Plus, so I don’t see many ads at all.  But here I was, browsing, when all of a sudden this flash layer ad comes scrolling by.
It must have take a good full ten seconds for me to realize what it was.  Then I burst out laughing.  I hadn’t seen one of those in years.  I went to a couple of sites, and sure enough I saw all sorts of Google sponsored results (AdSense) and similar ads.  It was sort of refreshing.
By that point I realize my eyes had gotten used to no ads and were just ignoring them outright.  But it was very funny for a minute or two.
Firefox and its extensions are nice.  I’ll definitely try out Firefox 3.1 when it comes out.  But I haven’t been missing it or the extensions much.  In two weeks of solid daily usage, this was the only occurrence.