Another week goes by…

… it was a good one, like most of them.  Busier than most because I had something every evening in addition to the normal work during the day.  Brief recap just for myself, locations linked.

Monday evening: recruiting dinner and getting together with a couple of old friends.

Tuesday evening: non-work event.

Wednesday evening: another recruiting dinner.

Thursday evening: working late, debating and figuring out possible new office layout.

Friday evening: sushi with another couple of old friends.

It was busy enough that I didn’t even get to watch the latest HubSpot TV episode, talking about the blogosphere.  But thankfully I get it via iTunes now, so that’s easy to catch up on.
Other thoughts about this week:
— We’re contemplating having a separate HubSpot Technology blog.  For engineers, by engineers  What do you think?  Interesting?  Useful?  Waste of time?
— Interviewed a bunch of people this week, all of them with great communication skills.  What a pleasure, what a difference that makes.