Weekend catch-up: Allison’s birthday events

My wife Allison‘s birthday is coming up one week from today, on Monday the 13th.  But we’ll be out of the country then (more on that later), and we’ll also be out of town the following weekend, so we started the celebration early this past weekend.

On Saturday we had brunch at Croma, which was fun as always.  The place is never too crowded, has a reliable selection of brunch standbys, offers reasonable pricing and a nice atmosphere.  My omelette was delicious.
After that, Alli hung out at Bella Sante (the spa) for a while.  It’s still our favorite spa in town, though no longer one of the newest, biggest, or most hyped.  It’s just reliably excellent in service and surroundings.  I hung out at the Borders bookstore and cafe one block away, checking out some new publications.  Inevitably for me at a book store, I brought some items, adding to my readind queue.
The Making of a Chef” is probably the most publicly interesting of that bunch.
After that we went shopping around Newbury Street, and found some unexpected deals.  Alays a pleasant surprise 😉
In the evening, we met up with a bunch of Alli’s friends from the Kennedy School.  We took over the bar area at Vlora, which the restaurant was kind enough to reserve for us.  They have good food and some nice wines on offer, and again the atmosphere was great.  Vlora has a great location, but because it’s at “garden level” (read: basement level), it’s never crowded.  I love the decor, too.
After hanging out there for a while, we wanted a higher energy finish to the evening, so we went down to Suite, a night club in The Alley downtown.  To my surprise, the music was awesome!  I forgot to get the DJ’s name, but the mixing was excellent, the crowd happy and energetic, and it was just a fun time for all.  We closed out the place 😉
All in all, a great busy fun day 😉