A long weekend in Amsterdam

Last weekend Alli and I took a couple of days off work and went to Amsterdam.  The city had been at the top of my list of new places to visit for a couple of years at least, so I was happy to finally go.

We had a blast.  I’ll post a number of detailed reviews, so if you’re not interested you can skip the next 3 or so blog posts.  But in general it was a lot of fun.
The city is beautiful.  The canals, the trees, and the layout all makes for a great walking city.  It’s clean, it’s safe (or at least feels safe).  There is plenty to see, plenty to do, good food, and not horrible prices.  The locals were friendly and helpful, and service was good everywhere.
It’s a very welcoming city for tourists.  Everything is clearly labeled and posted.  It’s hard to get lost and easy to find whatever you’re looking for.
All in all, a highly recommended place for a long weekend.  I’m sure there’s lots to see in the rest of Holland, too, but I imagine that would require more than a weekend.
Pictures coming soon on Flickr.  I’m uploading them right now and will post a link when that’s done.