Assorted notes from Amsterdam

The final piece of this blog series, just a few assorted notes, mostly for my own records.

Rijksmuseum: awesome, just as advertised.  Some awe-inspiring masterpieces.  A few paintings that look more lifelike than my pictures.  I’m not a good photographer, but still.  Wow.
Van Gogh museum: impressive collection, well-organized, but I’m jut not a big fan of Van Gogh’s style.  Of course I’m clueless in arts, but his work just doesn’t captivate me.
Trains and trams: absolutely a joy to ride and use.  We used them a lot, and I would do so again with no hesitation.  Get the multi-day all-you-can-eat pass, it’s worth it.
Amsterdam Centraal: great train station.  Organized, clean, big, easy to find what you want, very nice.
Amsterdam airport (Schiphol): again, very nice.  Love the train station right there in the airport.  Convenient, good shopping options, efficient service.
Red Light District: entertaining, fun to walk through once.  Interesting cultural observations.
Haven de Texel: good local restaurant serving Dutch specialties from Texel.  Just OK, not highly recommended, but certainly not bad.
Canal bus: touristy, but a good perspective for an hour or so.  Next time I might try the Canal Bike.
Jewish Historical museum: under-rated, very interesting.  Really well laid-out, thoughtfully organized.  Worth the two hours to walk there and visit.
Anne Frank house: interesting, definitely worth visiting.  Come after 5pm to avoid a 30minutes+ line.
Flea market: not bad, but nothing special.
Flower market: cool, but I’m not into flowers.  Still worth walking around once.
Fries with mayo at Vleminckx: really good, worth the 5-minute wait in line.  They close at 6pm, but don’t wait until the last minute because they often run out of fries.  We got lucky, and savored every bit.
Duration: a long weekend (4-5 days) is perfect to see and enjoy the city.  More is needed if you want to also enjoy the countryside.
Next time: maybe stay at the Dylan, and have dinner at Supper Club.