Book review: Striking Back

Also this past week, I finished reading Aaron Klein‘s Striking Back, an account of the Israeli Mossad’s policy (and implementation thereof) following the 1972 Munich Olympics assassination of Israeli atheletes.

The book is interesting, and fairly well-written.  Most times the author manages not to sound too much like a historian, and keep the story moving.  Apparently some of the research was ground-breaking, and led to revelations of previously top-secret classified documents.  
It was also used to help make the movie Munich, I imagine.  I liked that movie when I saw it.
You can also find some interviews with the author about this book, and reviews as well, online: NPR, New York Times.
Overall, it’s a pretty good book.  I’m glad I read it, but I didn’t learn that much new.  The most insightful pieces had to go with different Israeli prime ministers, and how they made assassination-related decisions.  That was fairly fascinating.