One night in Kennebunkport

Yesterday morning I drove up to Kennebunkport, Maine, to meet Alli and her parents.  They had driven up the day before, to attend a friend’s wedding.

A bunch of people I know really like Kennebunkport.  It’s a scenic place, no doubt.  All the locals were very nice and friendly.  The town is charming.  The foliage is gorgeous.
But the shopping annoyed me.  It’s just not my taste.  Undoubtedly many people like the wares on display, but I mostly just saw way over-priced mediocre art.  And there were not many alternative shops.  A music store, maybe, or a book store, a map store, an electronics store, almost anything would have been a nice diversion.
But the company was great, as always.  We had dinner at the White Barn Inn, which was really super.  That’s the subject of the next blog post.