Interesting LinkedIn bio snippet

Part of my job at HubSpot, the inbound marketing company, is recruiting.  I’m always looking out for talented, entrepreneurial engineers to join our kick-ass team.  So I tend to spend a bit of time on social networking sites like LinkedIn looking at bios and profiles.

Here’s a snippet I came across today:

Management of Software Projects from for all stages from concept, through Marketing Requirements Definitions, SRS, Project Management, Outsourcing, QA and deployment.

What’s missing here?  How about development of the software in ways other than outsourcing?

Strange.  I happen to know the person whose profile is from, and he’s a smart guy.  A nice guy, too.  But that’s a weird view of “all stages” of software development.
(The above is from a public profile, so I’m not violating anyone’s privacy.  You can find it if you Google patiently enough.)