Dinner at Ivy, drinks at Blu

Last night Alli and I met up with a couple of colleagues from work, and their husbands, for dinner and drinks.  It was a lot of fun 😉 

We went to Ivy for dinner, first.  I like their selection of small plates, and it’s always fun to share dinner family-style.  They also have a reasonable and reasonably-priced wine list, as well as good cocktails.  All the food was good, and the company made it great.  We had a nice bottle of prosecco, followed by a Malbec.  I also had a girly-looking, but delicious, pre-dinner cocktail: the Liquid Kitty.  It’s basically grape vodka and blue curacao, with some lime juice.
After dinner, we went one block away, to Blu, for drinks.  I like the view and the quiet atmosphere at Blu.  It’s always half-empty late at night, even on weekends, so you can actually talk to your dinner companions, which is cool.
All in all, a very fun night, and a great way to end the week.  I think we’re developing a nice social culture at HubSpot, slowly but surely.  We didn’t even talk about internet marketing that much.