Two huge friend/family events

These are big, so a special shout-out is in order.

My sister Noa got engaged to Doron a few days ago.  We all knew this was coming, to be honest, and it was just a question of timing.  I’ve liked Doron since the day I met him.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a software engineer (to be) 😉  Mazal tov Noa and Doron!  I look forward to the wedding, most likely in September 2009.  That should be a fun time in Israel.
And yesterday, our good friends Kevin and Maja had a baby, their first!  Welcome, Alani Brown 😉  Some day you’ll read this, probably your first mention on the internet, and you’ll wonder how primitive we were in terms of online communications.  Just remember we think the same thing about our predecessors, some times.