Harvard – Yale football game

Yesterday I went to the Harvard – Yale annual college football game.  Apparently it’s known as “The Game” in some circles, because of its age and tradition.  This was the 125th annual meeting, but my first one.  It’s been on my “Boston to-do list” for a while.

The game itself was fun.  Alli and I joined a big crowd of Kennedy School graduate students.  I already knew most of them from previous social occasions.  For many of them it was their first ever (American) football game.  That always adds a touch of amusement.
The only problem was that it was cold.  Way cold.  Bitterly cold.  Concerned about frostbite cold.
Those of you who know me know that I’m not that picky.  I don’t mind cold weather.  I even find the winters fun and productive most of the time.  But being outside, outdoors, on stone benches, with howling wind, and “feels like 17 degrees F” weather, was just not fun.
We made it through the first half, and then we bailed.  We were so cold we literally grabbed the first taxi on the street, which already had a passenger, and told him we’d go wherever he was going anyways.  Just to warm up.  Afterwards we’d go to our place.  Thankfully he was only going a few blocks away, but man, that was one of the nicest cab rides I’ve had in a long time.
It’s a good experience.  Just bundle up and hope for a warm weather / no wind day.
Oh, and Harvard won.  Yay!