Trip review: Paris (December 2008)

Last weekend I went to Paris (France) to meet up with my family.  It’s a nice half-way point between Boston and Israel, and of course a lovely city.

I had been to Paris before and visited most of the major tourist attractions.  But the city is beautiful, and the attractions are so big and have so much content, it’s always fun to visit.
The Louvre was phenomenal, of course.  Champs Elysees, Place des Invalides, Madeleine, Montmarte, all classics.
The weather was a little chilly, but not enough to prevent us walking around all day.  It was sunny much of the time, though it rained a little on the last day.
The hotels were very good, both in Montparnasse.  Le Meridien Montparnasse first (and better), then Holiday Inn Montparnasse (Avenue du Maine, not bad at all, really reasonable price).
The only unfortunate thing was that Alli could not join us, because her work had an annual retreat at the same time.  But the two of us will definitely go to Paris together, no doubt.
In case you’re expecting an amazing food review: we had plenty of great food.  But we made it a point to NOT go anywhere super-fancy or expensive.  Instead, we walked around a bunch and looked for places popular with the locals.  And we found them.  Easily.  They’re all over the place.  I could SO live in Paris, food-wise 😉
I did stop by Pierre Gagnaire and Joel Rubochon, just for research purposes.  But I didn’t eat anything there.  That’s reserved for Alli and the future.