Restaurant review: EVOO (again)

Last night I had dinner at EVOO, and it was excellent.  We weren’t planning on going there, but we were in the area and the other place was fairly busy.  I’m glad we ended up at EVOO, though 😉
They have a $35 3-course menu that’s a very good deal, and it’s available on the weekends.  The menu options are long and varied, and it was hard to choose.  I ended up with some amazing foie gras for my appetizer, and an excellent braised veal neck and parsnip ravioli entree.  Delicious.
They also have a good wine list, which included a 2004 Cain Concept by the half bottle.  I love Cain Concept (I’ve blogged about it in the past), but I hadn’t seen half-bottles on a wine list outside Napa.  Cool.
Definitely a good place to go.  Consistent with my EVOO review from January 2008.