What’s my favorite restaurant? Favorite dish?

People often ask me these questions:

– What’s your favorite restaurant in Boston?
– What’s your favorite restaurant ever?
– What’s your favorite dish ever?
My answer is usually the same: it’s the next restaurant I’ve heard about but have yet to visit.  It’s the next interesting dish on the menu that I’ve yet to try.  I’m an adventurous foodie, and I love the thrill of having something new (to me).
Sure, I have  favorite places in the classic sense of the word.  Places I would entertain clients or colleagues, places I would take a friend visiting from a foreign country, etc.  But if it’s just me and Alli, we’d opt for the adventure.  It almost always pays off.  (And it’s one of the things that makes us click.)
There are also some dishes, some experiences, that are just impossible to convey.  I can blog about Alinea in thousands of words, and I still wouldn’t capture essense of it.  (Granted, I’m not a particularly good writer.)