Rare footage: HubSpot foosball March Madness

As you may have seen before, we have a Foosball table by the dev team area at our awesome internet marketing company, and we take advantage of it.  This month we’re doing a company-wide March Madness Foosball doubles tournament, and it started yesterday.

Here is the video of game 1 of the tournament, and some still photos.  Thanks to Ellie for capturing and posting the footage.  There will be more in the coming days and weeks.

The reason this is rare footage is because game 1 featured our two co-founders, Brian and Dharmesh, playing HubSpot TV star Karen and metalsmith extraordinaire Amy, and this was Dharmesh’s first-ever Foosball game at HubSpot.  
You can follow the bracket at http://foosball.grader.com/marchmadness/.