Speaking at Product Design and Development lecture today

I meant to post this yesterday but I just did not have time 😉  As it turned out, the room was full, so I didn’t need to do anything to increase attendance.

Earlier today I spoke at the Product Design and Development (PDD) lecture at MIT.  PDD is a required course in the System Design and Management (SDM) program.  This is the engineering management graduate program I completed a few years ago.
The topic was the product design and development approach at our little software startup company, HubSpot.  I tried to provide a lot of useful material, actual facts and screen shots, and little fluff.
The students asked very good questions, and most of them seemed to be paying attention.  I tried to be up-front about the caveats of my content.  Certain pieces just don’t work as well in other industries or business models.  I hope it was still useful for the audience 😉
It was a lot of fun to come back and speak.  This was my 2nd time at PDD class and my 4th or so time total as a guest lecturer at MIT.  If you were in class today, thank you for having and tolerating me 😉
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