Book Review: Information Dashboard Design

A couple of days ago I finished reading Stephen Few‘s Information Dashboard Design book.  I really liked it.

The book is clearly written, well designed (as one might expect), easy to follow, and best of all, it’s crammed full of examples and commentaries on them.
My favorite thing about the book is how the author dissects actual, real-world dashboards and screens.  While some things feel intuitively wrong to me, or less than optimal, the author verbalizes and conveys why they’re wrong clearly and well.
I like how he starts by showing popular dashboards and dissects them, then gets into principles of good designs, then does design exercises for several dashboards and shows alternative solutions with their pros and cons.  Really a round-trip education for the reader.
If you’re designing dashboards or other “at-a-glance” displays, you should read this book.