Hotel review: Liberty Hotel (Boston)

After our great dinner at L’Espalier last Friday night, we headed over to the Liberty Hotel downtown.  I had checked in earlier, but did not tell Allison until we were on our away.  It was a nice surprise 😉

The hotel makes an excellent addition to the options we have in town.  It’s brand new, and you see it in the finish of everything.  The rooms are clean and spacious, with amazing views, which is one of the two highlights of the hotel.  The other highlight is the lobby with its attached restaurant / bar, Clink.
I had written about Clink before, when we had a good dinner there.  But it’s also the center of an active nightlife scene that went late into the night, and was still going on when we headed upstairs.
Service was excellent from the initial check-in and car handling, through everything else.  Well done.