Ah, that first summer weekend

Boston can have some horrible weather.  The winters are long, cold, and dark.  A lot of people have written poems and stuff on this topic.  I’m not one of them 😉

But when the weather turns nice, everyone in the city really appreciates it.  People are out and about.  Everyone is smiling.  Everyone is dusting off their summer clothes.  People pick up new sports, or re-discover old ones, as the case may be.
This past weekend was that first gorgeous summer weekend.  Temperatures in the 80s, and the whole city was out walking around.
Alli and I took great advantage of the weekend.  We played frisbee on both days, I played basketball on Saturday as well, we walked around a whole bunch, met up with colleagues and friends, and generally enjoyed quality outdoors time.  w00t 😉
Here’s to a great summer!
Check out Ultimate Frisbee photos from Sunday’s Boston Frisbee meetup on the Common, by Joe Baz:  http://www.meetup.com/bostonfrisbee/photos/?photoId=8367412&photoAlbumId=599757