Brief blogging pause (unintended)

It seems like it’s been forever since I last blogged.  Nine days, I guess 😉  It has not been an intentional pause, just a busy period both at work and at home.

At HubSpot, sprint 10 concluded with some nice successes, and sprint 11 is off!  We keep improving individually and as a team.  Some things are clicking really well, which is nice to see, but we still have a good amount of work to do.
At home, my parents were here from Israel.  My dad is back in Israel now now, and my mom will be around a little while longer before traveling back.
While my dad was here, we went to game 5 of the Celtics playoff series with the Orlando Magic.  That was a lot of fun: a nice comeback win, high energy.  Unfortunately the series ended with a loss, and that was the end of the season ;(
But the weather is beautiful, and now the evenings are a bit more free to do some exercise and outdoor activities.  w00t for that 😉