Restaurant review: Craigie on Main

Last night Alli and I went out to celebrate the 23rd, as we do each month.  We had dinner at Craigie on Main, the new incarnation of the Craigie Street Bistro.  It’s a slightly different location, much bigger, less cramped.

The food was delicious.  We had a 6-course tasting menu.  It actually worked out to a lot more courses, thanks to an amuse bouche and 3 small desserts.
The highlight, as we expected, were the pork-related dishes.  The pork belly, especially, was outstanding.  The final savory dish had an extra cool factor because the chef / owner himself, Tony Maws, came out to our table to say hi, serve the dish, and talk about it a bit.  That was a thrill, for me anyways.
The first couple of dishes on the menu were seafood-with-a-twist type of things.  I really liked the soft shell crab tempura with chorizo sauce.  Absolutely delicious.
The wine list is interesting, although expensive.  We settled on a bottle of Barolo, a 2000 Fratelli Brovia, which was good but not amazing.  It was light up front, too light.  The back-end was delicious and long.  Very fruity.  But too light up front, not as much punch as I would have liked.
There were no wine pairings available, which would have been nice.  The server did offer to come up with something but was not confident enough to inspire us.
Service was good.  It was friendly and professional.  Unfortunately the meal took a very long time.  It was a good 15 minutes between every dish, which felt a little too long, too slow.
Other than that, though Craigie on Main was a good success.  Really good food, and I’d be happy to go back there again.  Supposedly the rillettes are amazing.
That block near Central Square is hard-core now: Cuchi Cuchi, Salts, and Craigie are within spitting distance of each other.