A weekend in Newport

This past weekend Alli and I went down to Newport, Rhode Island, for a wedding of two of our best friends. Congratulations Hua and Christine!

The wedding itself took place in Blithewold mansion, and it was beautiful. The place is gorgeous, and having the ceremony outside with the sun and the water was just amazing. It’s very similar to how we did our wedding, so it’s no coincedence that I enjoyed it a lot.
We did some dancing, eating, drinking, hanging out with friends, and generally had a blast.
The rest of Newport was pretty cool. It’s still early in the year, not peak travel season. So we were able to walk about the Cliff Walk with relatively few people, and enjoy the town in general. No place had a wait to get in, no problem at all. We even found on-street parking downtown a couple of times, which was an unexpected delight.
So it was a fun weekend, and a great way to start the summer.