Restaurant review: Cafe Sushi (Cambridge)

Last night Alli and I met up with two Japanese friends from Harvard for dinner at Cafe Sushi in Cambridge.

It’s a small place, unassuming in appearance. But the food was excellent. The prices are OK, not cheap, but not extravagant either.
If you read this blog regularly, you know Maluken in Kenmore Square is my favorite sushi place in Boston. I still think it can’t be beat on a number of fronts, including value, and that it has the best spicy tuna maki I’ve ever had.
But when you ask two Japenese natives for their favorite Japanese place, you go where they tell you 😉 And it was very good indeed.
As was the conversation. Finally a chance to exercise some of my Economist learnings on Japanese diplomacy by chatting with a government official informally and honestly.