Restaurant review: Ten Tables Cambridge

Last night Alli and I celebrated our monthly date night, the 23rd of the month as usual, at Ten Tables Cambridge.

This is a new, additional location for Ten Tables, the original being in Jamaica Plain. I really liked the original restaurant. You can find my first and second reviews here.
I liked that it was small, cramped, with a great atmosphere, and excellent food. I remembered the home-made sausages and cured meats as a highlight.
This location is a little bigger, but not much. It’s the former home of the Craigie Street Bistro, which I also liked. It’s still packed, cramped, and really noisy. More noisy than I expected, for some reason.
The prices are still decent, not amazing, not a bargain, and the service was very good.
We had a nice summer squash soup and a home-made kielbase sausage for appetizer, which were very good. Then I had a steak and Alli a bluefish for our entrees, which were just OK. The steak, in particular, was interesting. It was beautifully and perfectly grilled, looked delicious, was tender and juicy, but did not have much flavor. Strange. It was a true bavette cut: thin, flap.
For dessert, we shared a cherry and almond financier, which was good. Again, not amazing.
We matched the whole meal, largely based on the steak and kielbasa choices, with a 2006 Obsidian cab. It was fantastic. A really great one, with a delicious long finish.
Overall, I was less impressed by the food than I thought I would be. It was well-executed and pretty, but just not that flavorful. The kielbasa appetizer was delicious, the wine as well, and everything else just good. I’m kind of curious to see if the original JP location is still the same.