Fantastic Netflix culture presentation

My friend and colleague Dan Milstein (@danmil) shared this fantastic Netflix culture presentation yesterday. I wanted to blog about it, but had no internet connection at the time. Now I’m feeling cheesy and late to the party, since it’s on the front page of TechCrunch and all.

Still, this presentation is SO good, it made me want to cry with joy. Everyone who works at a company, big or small, public or private, should read it. If you care at all about your company’s culture, as you should, this stuff is brilliant.
I usually sleep really well, but I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about this presentation.
I had huge respect for Netflix before, as a past customer, as an observer, and as someone who knows a couple of Netflix employees as friends. But now that’s amped up 100 times.
There is a really, really small set of technology companies whose culture I truly admire and want to replicate. Google (earlier on is better), Facebook (related blog post from Facebook on their releases), Zappos (not really technology, but whatever), and now Netflix joins that list.
The main reason is that they not only stayed agile, creative, and flexible as they grew. It’s that they became MORE agile, creative, and flexible as they grew. Most companies degenerate, add bad processes, lose culture, lose flexibility. As groups and companies grow, inertia becomes a big factor. It takes a while to move anything. I hate that.
There are few things I hate more than process for the sake of process. One of those few things is not caring about culture. At HubSpot, I think we care about culture, and I think we’ve managed to create and maintain a very good culture to date. But like with every company, new challenges come up as you grow, and unless we explicitly make culture a point of discussion and action, it’s going to be hard to maintain.