China trip: Huangshan

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From Huangzhou we drove to Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain. This is both the name of a city and of the mountain nearby.
The city itself is small and unremarkable. There is one nice traditional-style shopping street. Alli and I got a calligraphy sign made up for our home, for a reasonable price, so that’s nice.
The mountain is pretty cool though. It’s really a mountain range and this is just one part of it. You can ride a cable car up and down. The mountain is not that high, less than 2,000 meters, but it’s got plenty of steep, jagged, mini-peaks.
That makes for some really nice hiking and amazing views. Our group greatly enjoyed this part.
We stayed at a small hotel right on the mountain summit. It was OK, not amazing, as you might expect from a country-side hotel.
The next morning, we got up early to watch the sun rise. We were not alone, as this is a well-known activity, so we had plenty of company. The sunrise was very nice.
Then we worked our way down the mountain, partially hiking, and parially on the cable car.
The cable car, by the way, was very new, clean, and well-maintained. Cable cars freak me out, although I’m not generally afraid of heights, but this one was cool.
If you’re into hiking or nature, Huangshan is a good place to visit. Otherwise, I think there are better things to see in China, and better ways to spend your time.