Book review: The Sweet Life in Paris

The full title of this David Lebovitz book is The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – And Perplexing – City.

David also has a decent blog. I like his style of writing. It’s mildly humorous, but he doesn’t try to bowl you over with crazy jokes.
This particular book touches on a combination of my favorites: good food, and Paris, the city. The last time I went to Paris was in June of this year, and I wrote up some thoughts in the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant review.
This book has a number of funny anecdotes detailing the author’s adjustment to Paris, and France. Some are better than others, but none are boring. The book also has a lot of recipes and comments on sourcing ingredients, which I found interesting.
Overall, if you like travel and/or cooking, this is a great book. It’s easy to read, funny, and insightful.