Moutarde Maille au Pain d’épices et Miel de châtaignier

I think I only have about three readers who understand the title of this post and appreciate it. Isa, Ondine, Bea, this one is for you 😉

The rough translation of the post title is “Maille Mustard with gingerbread and honey chestnut”. (Thanks, Google Translate ;)).

Maille is an old boutique food supply store in Paris. They specialize in mustards. When we visited Paris in June, we bought a few at the store. By now we’ve tried most of them, and this one is the best to date.
Here’s the Maille US site, for the curious. It has their classic, long-standing products. But it doesn’t have any of the special collection, seasonal ones. Like this one. If you see it, buy it. Buy a handful of them.
For a cool recipe that uses this mustard with some poached salmon, check out
Clarification: the picture above is of their generic mustard, not the one I’m talking about. It’s good. But if you’re there, make sure you buy the one with the same name as the title of this post.