Product review: Fig & Olive collection Meyer lemon-infused olive oil

“Huh?” I hear you say 😉 What’s this thing about?

I’ve never written an olive oil review before. This is the first one. And I don’t have any others queued up.
Like most foodies, I like experimenting with olive oil. It’s just such a wonderful substance, so useful in many ways.
Fig & Olive is a place in New York City that is both a restaurant and a food supply store. They make a variety of things, but olive oil is the emphasis. It’s not expensive, not fancy, just good. And guess what? They have an online store where you can buy this and other cool stuff. I wish the Maison du Maille had that too.
Here’s the direct link to the online store for this Meyer Lemon oil:
The Meyer lemon-infused olive oil is one of their specialty products that is available for purchase by anyone.
And it’s really, really good.
Somehow they managed to infuse the oil with lemon without compromising either the oil or the lemon. Usually with these fancy infused combinations, I get annoyed, because it doesn’t taste like anything. But in this case, that’s not true.
So if you’re looking for a fun, unusual olive oil, and you’re tired of the “I’m more virgin than the other oil” labels in the grocery store, this is a decent one to buy.