Books review: The Defector

The Defector is another book by Daniel Silva, and the immediate follow-up to the book I just reviewed, Moscow Rules.

Warning: spoiler alert. If you’re going to read Moscow Rules, skip the rest of this review until you’re done.

In a fairly predictable pattern, since Gabriel Allon (the hero in these two books and a few others) did not kill the ultimate villain of Moscow Rules, the same villain is up to new trouble. So this time, Allon has to finish the job. Nothing particularly creative here.
However, the kind of trouble, and the details of how this villain is to be hunted, are what makes this book. It’s a really intricate, detailed story, full of double-crossing and elaborate hoaxes. I love those things, which is why I enjoyed this book.
It still qualifies as a very good plane or beach reading, not classical literature. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with that. And I had plenty of plane time on my way to China, which is when I read both of these books.