Book review: Rain Storm

Rain storm is a fiction novel by Barry Eisler, featuring an Asian assassin character I like, John Rain.

Like the other books in this series, this book has pretty simple premise. The main character is trying to retire to a faraway country (Brazil), but his old employers lure him back for one last mission. Pretty tired / unoriginal there.
But what makes the book good, like the others in this series, are the nitty-gritty details of each assassination. The planning, the execution, and way things can go wrong. And unlike some other novelists, Eisler gives the villains some character development as well, which makes things more interesting.
As readers of this blog know, I’m also a fan of books involving Israeli intelligence, especially the Mossad. So when a Mossad agent comes into play and mucks with Rain’s plans in this book, I was excited 😉
The writing is good: clear, concise, taut. The story is interesting, after the uninspired beginning. The locales are excellent, and they make the book for me. Overall, a fun read.
By the way, the author has a pretty good web site, as these things go. He’s also active in social media and seems generally clueful, which is cool.