Book review: The Assassin

Stephen Coontz‘s The Assassin was pretty disappointing to me. Even if you only read the blog posts from today, you know I love assassin novels. Of all kinds, in all areas. I read a lot of them. It’s almost pathological. But it also means my level of tolerance for assassin stories is high, and I am relatively easy to please within this genre.

But this book did not please me. It was too trite, too unoriginal, too implausible. I read it on a plane, and it helped pass the time, for sure. But I wouldn’t recommend it.
The author doesn’t even seem to try developing the characters or adding any depth to them. The settings and scenarios of most of the book are routine and boring. I know Coontz can write better, because I’ve read (and liked) some of his other books. This book mostly feels like a lazy cop-out.