How Mike Capuano personally helped me

This is not a political blog. I hardly, if ever, write about political topics.

But today we have a special election in Massachusetts for the US Senate. One of the candidates is Mike Capuano, a local politician, who has directly and personally helped me.
I wanted to share this story. I’m not super-familiar with all the other candidates, and I trust my readers to have their own opinions and judgment.
In 2005, Alli and I got married. At the time, during the Bush administration and closer to 9/11, it was challenging for our international guests to get visas to come to our wedding. Specifically, my cousin Shira, who grew up together with me often in the same house, could not get a visa.
It was unclear why. She had a job she was going back to, and a husband she was going back to, etc. She tried all the routine appeals and such, but to no avail.
Shortly before the wedding, we were running out of ideas. Alli suggesting contacting one of our local congressmen, Mike Capuano. We did contact him, and he simply took care of it. I never spoke to him in person, but his office was responsive, friendly, effective, and efficient.
I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a pleasant government transaction or interaction. My cousin got her visa legally, attended our wedding, went back to Israel, and all was good.
Neither Mike nor his office ever asked for anything, including support. I haven’t given him any money, and I haven’t really shared this story until now. I probably should have blogged about it sooner.
But anyways, he helped me out. Just like you’d hope a government official in his position would. And that’s rare in my experience, which is why I wanted to share it.
Find your polling place here, and vote today if you can.