Why don’t you blog more about work?

This is one of the questions I get most often from commenters on this blog.

I’m a little surprised to get it, since I never blogged that much about work.
These days, I write my work-related blog posts on the HubSpot dev blog, at dev.hubspot.com. They are not many nor frequent. Some blog posts could belong here too, as the work vs. professional development split is not always obvious.
A good example is our recent blog, with the videos of Eric Ries‘s Lean Startup talk at MIT last month. It’s something I think a bunch of people might be interested in, but it was HubSpot-sponsored, too.
I have the HubSpot dev blog set up to Tweet on my behalf when a new post is published. That way my Twitter and Facebook followers get the post headline and link automatically. (Follow me at @YoavShapira on Twitter if you want.)
But anyways, that’s the answer. I still blog a little bit about work, but when I do, it’s not here. Subscribe to the HubSpot dev blog and follow us there. There are much better bloggers than me who write there.