Happy new year! 2009 recap, 2010 resolutions

2009 was an awesome year for me. It really flew by quickly.

I was working at our little internet marketing shop, HubSpot, which grew and is not so little anymore. I am proud of the work we’re doing here, psyched with the people we’re hiring, and honestly happy to come in to work every single day. For 2010, I hope for more of the same: continued growth, excitement, and challenges.
Alli was in school at Harvard, where she learned a lot, met a ton of great classmates, and generally improved herself. Her year went by fast as well.
We had a good amount of time to hang out with our families, visiting both Israel and Florida multiple times. The flights were good, the journeys memorable, each including a number of special events like my sister’s wedding.
We also had a big trip, to China, which we had been looking forward to for a while. In fact, tonight we’re celebrating the start of 2010 with many of the China trip friends. I also got to cross off a nice “life todo list” item during this summer, as part of the China trip: to travel around the world in one trip.
Personally, I did not manage to lose as much weight as I wanted to. So that remains a goal, a challenge, and a resolution for 2010. I have about 12 pounds to lose. My new approach in that area involves more natural sports and competition. I just started playing squash with a colleague last week, resumed pickup basketball last month, and will continue playing ultimate frisbee. I may also resume soccer when the weather is better: I haven’t played soccer since elementary school!
I am not going to list my favorite music, films, or restaurants. There were plenty of good experiences, as readers of this blog know.
For 2010, it’s onwards and upwards! Happy new year, everyone 😉