Restaurant review: Coppa

Last night, after watching Invictus, we met up with Iva and Demetri at Coppa, Ken Oringer‘s new enoteca in the South End.

The place was packed, even though we only got there around 10pm. The waitress told us it would be a two-hour wait for a table (for four), and I thought she was joking, but she was right. However, we did manage to snag some bar seats shortly thereafter, so we stayed at the bar all night, which was cool.
The menu has a bunch of meats and cold cuts, a few cold and hot small plates, some pizzas, and some heartier stuff. We focused on the cold cuts and pizzas, based on looking at what others were eating all around us for about an hour.
Everything was delicious. The food was really, really good. My favorites were the lengue and the house prosciutto. Most (if not all) cold cuts are cut off right in front of you, behind the bar. Cool.
The atmosphere was excellent. It was packed, cozy, warm, a nice neighborhood place. Not a meat market, just a bunch of happy people. Especially those who actually lucked out and got tables 😉
The wine list was small, but a couple of the drinks we had, especially the Bello Diavolo and the Gingersnap, were excellent.
All-in-all, I’d love to come here more often. I’d love even more to be able to get a table 😉