An evening at the Hasty Pudding

On Friday evening Alli and I went to the Hasty Pudding, one of Harvard’s theatre groups. A bunch of her fellow MPA students were going, and we joined them.

It was … interesting 😉 I’m not a huge fan of musical theatre to start with. I always find it to be neither here nor there. The music parts are just not as good as the stuff I enjoy in the club, or even on MTV (which I don’t watch often). And the theatre parts, if they’re good, get interrupted by the music.
So I’m not a huge fan of the format. But we went anyways. I mostly enjoyed it, but I did leave at the half-time intermission. The show wasn’t good enough to keep me there. And I heard afterwards that the first half was better than the second.
I thought the writing was brilliant. Tons of plays on words that were clever and amusing. Really nicely done. And when the actors actually spoke, as opposed to sang or danced, it was good.
Everything else was cheesy, mediocre, or both. So while it was a nice one-time experience, it was weird and I don’t plan to go again anytime soon.