Two wine reviews: 2004 Collepiano and Jackson-Triggs Vidal Icewine

A couple of quick reviews for my own record, of wines I’ve had over the past month.

The 2004 Arnaldo Caprai “Collepiano” is a Sagrantino di Montefalco, my current favorite Italian red wine, and possibly current overall favorite.  What a fantastic bottle this is.  I can’t wait to try my Caprai “25 Anni” Sagrantino, but my vintage won’t mature until 2014 or so.

The Collepiano is just about as described by Robert Parker for Wine Advocate.  It’s seamless, impenetrable to light (completely opaque), and you can smell it from across the house.  We decanted it for about three hours before drinking, which helped, I’m sure.  It’s very smooth, velvety even, really well-balanced, just an exceptional wine.  Highly recommended.

The Jackson-Triggs Vidal Icewine was just a half bottle I picked up at the Toronto airport a few months ago, and didn’t get around to until dinner with friends recently.  It’s good: smooth, cool, balanced, sweet but not overly so.  A nice match for both chocolate and cheese cakes, definitely more for the chocolate.  They label it part of their Proprietor’s Reserve, but I’m not sure that distinction means much at this point.  Maybe?  Anyways, a decent dessert wine for sure.

Man, I’d love to have another bottle or two of the 2004 Collepiano.