Learning to Scuba dive

Alli and I have wanted to learn how to Scuba dive for a while now.  Several years, in fact.

But it took an external event, an impending trip to Hawaii later this month, to kick ass in the pants and get started.  So now we’re taking the SSI Open Water Diver certification course.  We’re taking it at East Coast Divers, a shop and education center right in Brookline, MA.

So far we’ve had the two required classroom sessions, two of the five pool sessions, and some gear shopping and fitting time.  It’s been absolutely fantastic.

The material is interesting and the pool sessions are a lot of fun.  The instructors are awesome: fun, informative, enthusiastic, happy to help with anything and everything.  So far we’ve met Paul, the shop owner, Alex and Nick, and Tom who is training to be an instructor.  They’re uniformally great.  They’re also very experienced, all of them.

I’ll write another blog post when we’re done with pool training and head out to the open water dives.  So far it’s been amazing.

The sensation of just floating and breathing underwater is hard to describe.  It’s relaxing, zen-like.