Restaurant review: Sandrine’s Bistro

Last night Alli and I had dinner at Sandrine‘s to celebrate the 23rd, our monthly date night.  Given its location in Harvard Square, we’d passed by Sandrine’s many many times.  It never looked quite interesting enough to check out, but always came close.  And finally, last night, we went.

Sandrine’s was good.  It was not amazing.  The best part was a very friendly, helpful waiter, named Jesus.  He was awesome.  He recommended a nice wine (2008 Annabella Carneros, a Pinot Noir) and helped choose dishes.  The foie gras appetizer was good, the choucroute and steak were good, and my escargots were excellent.

But the atmosphere was just OK, the decor a bit drab and boring, and I was hoping for more creative flair in the menu and its execution.  I know they were going for classic Alsatian cuisine, and they deliver, but I still hoped for  something more interesting.

Oh well.  It was a fun night with great company, and now we can cross Sandrine’s off our list 😉