John Sculley on Steve Jobs (long interview) – we are not Steve Jobs

My friend and colleague Josh “Major” Payne shared this article: John Sculley on Steve Jobs, by Leander Kahney for

It’s a long article and there’s an audio transcript of the interview as well.  I enjoyed reading them.  A lot of fascinating details.

What usually strikes me is that we (I for sure, you most likely) are not Steve Jobs.  When you watch a video of Michael Jordan dunking from the foul line, do you think to yourself, “I can do that!” and go jump? 😉

It’s good to read these things and get inspiration.  It’s dangerous, sometimes, to try to exactly copy them, to think  one has the same level of fairly unique talents.

As an aside: Josh’s own blog, Unstructured Thoughts, is a good read as well.