Wine reviews: Zonchera and Les Parcs

We had the 2004 Zonchera Barolo from Ceretto last week with dinner.  It was not a bad wine by any means, but a little under-whelming.  It lacked depth, I thought, especially for a DOCG Barolo, which made it less interesting than I expected.  I decanted it for a full 45 minutes or more, too.  Meh.

But it was better than the 2008 Les Parcs, a Pinot Noir from Guy Allion.  That wine was just disappointing.  Very little to write home (or blog) about.  An OK nose, but no strength, no character.  Not buying this one again any time soon.

So not an amazing week for wine.  On the plus side, though, I got a bottle of Tozai’s “Snow Maiden” sake a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been greatly enjoying it.  (In small quantities ;)).