Even Apple ships incrementally

A lot of people who work in product development have this Apple envy thing going on.  We read articles about Apple, its products, its excellent results, and its people, and we all wish we could be Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ive.

I’ve written in the recent past about how I think that’s mostly dangerous.  Unless you really happen to be that caliber of visionary and designer, you’re going to get in trouble.

Matt Mullenweg of Automattic had a really good blog post earlier this month, reminding people that Apple is about releasing early and often, too.  The criticisms from customers of their first versions of things like the iPod and the iPhone are fascinating to read.  We forget about them, partially because the next iteration comes quickly, and partially for other reasons.

Go ahead, read that post: “1.0 Is the Loneliest Number.

It’s a really nice reminder, including quotes from Steve Jobs himself, that Apple also believes in releasing early and often.

I actually had this blog post in my mind for a while, but what made me finally write it is that the latest version of iTunes is installing right now.  It takes a while, so I have a few minutes for this.  Seems like they’ve had a new version on a regular basis.